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Thai Organic RD-43 Brown Rice

Thai Organic RD-43 Brown Rice

Product Code: RD43

Organic RD43 Brown Rice (2kg) from Thailand.

RD43 rice is Thai white rice for healthy conscious people, particularly ones with diabetes or weight watchers. This RD43 rice has a medium to low glycemic index which is more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolized and cause a lower in blood glucose.

有机RD43 泰国白米适合哪些注重健康生活的人士. 尤其对于高血糖和肥胖关注的人士. RD43 属于中至低升糖指数的白米,它比一般普遍白米,对身体方面的消化、吸收、代谢能力都比较低,所以身体所产生的糖份也相对比较低。

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