To become a leading social enterprise, distributing Organic & Natural Health food products in the region by interweaving corporate social responsibility, business ethics and integrity in our business formula.




  1. To import a greater variety of health and organic products to Singapore and promote them to the community.
  2. To continue and expand our collaboration with the Maejo University IQS to promote DMO technique and organic cultivation into farming villages in Thailand.
  3. To support rural communities by engaging in fair trades and buying from the co-operatives.
  4. To use social consumerism as a model and actively promote charity.
  5. To promote healthy diet and lifestyle through public awareness talks.
  6. To show care and concern for the physically and mentally disabled by sub-contracting jobs to them as part of their integration into society
  7. To contribute a portion of our net proceeds to charitable organizations.
  8. To practise no-frills pricing for our products; no extravagant advertising and promotion.
  9. To bulid a sustainable supply-chain through a win-win approach with integrity and sincerity.