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Organic Black Brown Rice 500g

Organic Black Brown Rice 500g

Product Code: BR500

Known as the ‘Forbidden Rice’ in the past; eaten only by the Emperors of China, this unpolished rice is prized for its delicious nutty taste & high nutritional value. It contains proteins and irons, polyphenolic compounds such as anthocyanins (purple color antioxidant, a phytochemical with anti-cancer properties) as well as Vit E, B and B-complex. It can be cooked as fried rice or mixed with brown rice.

古时称为皇帝米、可知其珍贵。此米营养丰富、含蛋白质、维他命E、B及B 群。更有助改善虚弱体质。而其黑色素含丰富抗氧化功能。掺入糙米或作炒饭皆可。

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