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Our Mission & Objectives


To become a leading social enterprise, distributing Organic & Natural Health food products in the region- by interweaving corporate social responsibility, business ethics and integrity in our business formula.

Objectives and Future Developments

1. To import a greater variety of health and organic products to Singapore and promote them to the community.
2. To continue and expand our collaboration with the Maejo University IQS to promote DMO technique and organic cultivation into farming villages in Thailand.
3. To support rural communities by engaging in fair trades and buying from the co-operatives.
4. To use social consumerism as a model and actively promote charity.
5. To promote healthy diet and lifestyle through public awarness talks.
6. To show care and concern for the physically and mentally disabled by sub-contracting jobs to them as part of their integration into society
7. To contribute a portion of our net proceeds to charitable organizations.
8. To practise no-frills pricing for our products; no extravagant advertising and promotion.
9. To bulid a sustainable supply-chain through a win-win approach with integrity and sincerity.


结合了企业责任感、诚信及商业道德, 我们立志成为本区域有机与自然健康食品供应分销商。


1. 引进自然健康食品及有机食品, 并将这健康饮食概念带入社会大众。
2. 与清迈Maejo大学IQS合作, 协助泰国农村促进生产科技如DMO (有益菌酵素栽种法)、有机载种技术等。 进而我们以公平交易为准则向农民合作社购买农产品。
3. 以社会共享制度经营模式并推广慈善活动。
4. 鼓励有机/健康饮食文化如设立讲座会等。
5. 关怀及回馈社会之心:拨出部分盈利作慈善或把工作外包给慈善团体,协助他们融入社会。
6. 良心互动、推广有机食品,不过分渲染商业广告,不谋暴利。价格廉宜合理。
7. 以欢喜之心接待顾客及商家。诚信礼貌待人。


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