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The Sukha House Pte Ltd


The Sukha House was founded in January 2005 as an importer of organic and natural health products such as organic brown rice, sugar, honey, cereal and snacks from Thailand. Most of ourproducts are certified organic, GAP (good agriculture practice), non-GMO and/or achieved the OTOP premium 5-Star award.

Within three short years, we have built up a customer base of 800 retailers and food outlets comprising organic and health food stores, supermarkets, mini-marts, grocery stores, food stalls and restaurants in Singapore. We also have around 500 loyal home consumers who order regularly through our home delivery service.
As a socially engaging company that believes in giving back to society, we often donate our products for fund-raising purposes at charity events. Our participation in these events is part of our marketing efforts to create greater awareness in our products, generate goodwill as well as promote healthy living.
Our long-term plan is to continue to source for more wholesome organic or natural products ranging from food to spa and skincare products for the benefit of our customers.
We have been and will continue to collaborate with overseas academic  with overseas academic institutions to encouragemore farmers to engage in organic cultivation.

我们成立于2005 年1 月, 专门经营进口有机及天然食品如糙米、食油、糖、蜜糖、谷类、零食及饮料等。 这些食品多数获颁有机认证,GAP优良农业认证或OTOP 五星级奖。
我们以回馈社会为本,并积极参与慈善活动义卖会等。更希望为将来打造一个‘健康’、 ‘自然’、‘崇善’、‘诚信’ 形象为主的公司,支持环保。因此,健康饮食和有机产品更被大力推崇。
现阶段,我们供应了全岛800位商家, 其中有有机专卖店、巴刹小贩中心、迷你市场、餐馆、超市等。 并拥有500位让我们提供递送上门服务的顾客群。

长远来说,我们将带入更多有机自然食品和产品来优惠大众, 以便推广健康的饮食潮流。



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